The Redholme
The Redholme

The History of Redholme

Built in 1886 as a private residence, the house was originally called "Redholme". It was situated on what was a large area of land called "Woodlands Plantation". It was then owned by the Cary Family, one of three large families who owned Torquay. Piece by piece the land was parcelled off and sold and large villas were built, mostly by wealthy victorians who just loved the sea air!

It was after advice to get some sea air and lots of rest that Henry Forbes Julian first moved to Devon. He rented "The Ness" at Shaldon, which was partially destroyed by fire, so he found "Redholme" and just before Christmas in 1902, newly married to Hester, daughter of William Pengelly, he took up residence.

He travelled the globe, Mexico, America and South Africa amongst others, as a consulting engineer and he published various works on the subject.

His father in law, William Pengelly, was famous for excavating Kent's Cavern in Torquay and was even visited at his home by King George V when he was Prince George of Wales.

Henry Forbes Julian made one last trip across the Atlantic in 1912, as a first class passenger on the White Star Line ship R.M.S Titanic, but gave up his lifeboat place for women and children. King George V sent a letter of condolence to Hester, remembering his visit to her fathers house and being very interested in his geological collections. 

Hester remained at Redholme until her death in 1934.

A Christmas party was given in 1904 for Captain Robert Falcon Scott at Redholme. After giving a later lecture in Dublin about his previous Antarctic experiences he wrote expressing the pleasure that the visit to "Redholme" had afforded him.

Hester Forbes Julian

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